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Goal:  Secure Hand-Marked and Hand-Counted Paper Ballots

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August 20-21, 2022
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Political Candidates are "selected" before the Elections with Electronic Voting Machine software manipulation.

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Yes, Virginia, there is
Voter Fraud ...

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It is not a Republican, Independent, Liberal, or Democratic issue.   
This an American Issue because without Election Integrity and that secure legal right to vote, we do not have a Country.

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Cyber Experts reveal that once a ballot is cast and tallied in electronic Voting systems, programmed algorithms can manipulate the numbers to Select specific candidates and issues despite the votes cast by the citizens.  Because those currently holding office may have benefited, we see legal maneuverings and rulings to delay and block forensic audits of the electronic devices despite court and legislative orders.  Access to mail-in ballots are often denied because they are the easiest way to commit fraud because they do not have a verified chain of custody.
We are witnessing Governors, Secretaries of State, Election Administrators, Judges, and Legislators ruling against any investigations.  Anyone voicing a concern about voting integrity is immediately targeted for censorship, social media cancellations, as well as armed police and FBI raids and seizures.

One legal vote per legally registered citizen of the United States defines the essense of Freedom in the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic. 

How you vote is
not as critical as
"Who" counts
the Votes!

Testimony Before Louisiana Senate Committee

June 30, 2022

Mike Lindell testified to the Louisiana Senate Committee about the voting system. Mike testifies about how everything is computerized these days. Every machine has a flaw, and voting machines are no exception. ES&S (Election Systems & Software) testified earlier and Mr. Lindell points out something they overlooked.

The HBO Documentary "Kill Chain:  The Cyber War on America's Elections"
(Released March 26, 2020)

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Despite what Government Officials and Voting Machine spokespersons say publically, Electronic Voting Machines can be hacked, malicious algorithems inserted and they do not have to be directly connected to the internet, yet many are before, during, and after the election.

Full Video:  Hacking America's Computerized Voting Machines   
Cyber Security Experts and Legislators from
both Republican and Democrat parties testify that Electronic Voting Systems can be "hacked" and votes can be manipulated.  (4/3/22)

Calling for the elimination of complicated Electronic Voting Machines that can be manipulated and replacing them with more simple "hand-counted" auditable encrypted paper ballots is an American issue. 
Election Crime runs deep in both Republican and Democrat Parties and is designed by the political establishment to stay in power and select pet legistlative office holders and legistlative policies often against the will of common sense voting Citizens. 


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Dinesh D'Souza's Documentary "2000 Mules" Trailer highlighting extensive and nationally orchestrated illegal Ballot Trafficking's and Drop Box Stuffing in the November 2020 Election using "phone geotracking" and government surveillance video.

Access the documentary with this link:

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Citizen's United David Documentary "Rigged2020" Trailer about Overwhelming evidence of a plot by Democrats which included Mark Zuckerberg, to rig the 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden.
Access the documentary with this link:


Election Crime

Yes, Virginia, there is
Voter Fraud ...

Election Crime has many facets and has the goal to manipulate votes against the will of the voters to gain power and control of select legislative offices or pass select legistlative policies.  Election Crime can be exercised regardless of politcal party.


  • Illegal ballot harvesting (collecting and filling out ballots for a fee) is taking place.

  • Elected and Un-elected officials are breaking the laws of their state by illegally changing voting dates and times, placing unmanned drop boxes, and relaxing signature verifications.

  • Millions of unsolicited mail-in ballots are being delivered which invites illegal ballot harvesting with no chain of custody.

  • Required Bi-Partisan Poll watchers are often restricted and expelled by controlling officials and prevented from making observations and reporting violations.

  • Voter registration databases are not clean and contain data on those who moved or deceased, in-eligible, non-citizens, etc..  These databases are used to submit fictious votes as needed to swing elections in a specific direction.

  • Electronic voting machine can be "hacked" with outside software that manipulates data.  Because it is "proprietary", the software and hardware cannot be examined by forensic auditors and cyber security experts to examine how the data is manipulated.  Government officials from both Republican and Democrat Parties often block any attempt to examine the electronic voting machine systems because they have conflicts of interests by donations from the electronic voting machine companies, or are aware of the voter fraud that has taken place for decades and they have benefited from it's use. 

In Mesa County, Colorado, 36 cell phone accessible electronic devices were discovered in their Dominion Voting machines.  See:  Election — Tina Peters for Colorado, see Report #2)

Election Crime

Solution:  Hand-countable, verifiable, and auditable secure encrypted paper ballots!

ALL electronic voting systems can be remotely breached, or "Hacked" which is why the entire United States should completely change to a hand-countable, verifiable and auditable paper ballot with security encryption to prevent duplication. 
Benefits of totally going to secure paper ballots helps reduce:

  • Electronic Voting Software manipulation

  • Ballot harvesting

  • Unsecured and illegal ballot drop boxes with no verifiable chain of custody

  • Issues regarding Signature verification

  • Issues with under-staffed, restricted, or lop-sized partisan poll watchers

  • Illegal ballot reproduction

  • On-demand and unverifiable ballot reproduction

  • Duplicate voting

  • Unregistered, or use of massive voter and resident data bases to submit fictious ballots

  • Delays in counting votes

"Election Crime" is a concern for any citizen who wants the vote for their selected candidates to count and not be manipulated by illegal outside influences.
Without election integrity, the United States is no longer a Constitutional Republic, but an Oligarchy where a small group of people has control of the country and initiate measures to stay in power perpetually by modifying the election systems outside of the Legislative laws.
Many election processes are being illegally manipulated by Governors, Secretaries of State, unelected election officials, as well as legislators who have direct and indirect financial ties to the Electronic Voting Systems providers. 

Election Crime is being revealed more openly after the November 2020 Election, but because it has been inherently so systematic, individuals from both Republican and Democrat parties are actively obstructing most any investigation of the voting systems.

This similar strategy was played out in Russia, Cuba, China, Argentina, and other Socialist, Leftist, and Communist countries and is now working openly in the United States without any punitive consequences for breaking State and Federal Election Laws.

ALL electronic voting systems can be remotely accessed, or "Hacked" which is why the entire United States should completely change to a hand-counted verifiable and auditable paper ballot election system. 

Electronic voting systems are designed so they cannot be easily audited.

These paper ballots must have printing encryprtion and safeguards to stop fraudulent mass printing of counterfeit ballots that are introduced into the voting system through mail-in and drop boxes that have no chain of custody.

We encourage you to join the efforts to make this happen, immediately.

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According to White Hat (Good Geeks) and Black Hat (Bad Geeks) Hackers, any voting machine component (monitors, screens, polling books, routers, tabulation machines, reporting systems, etc. that are part of the voting systems, connect to the Internet and therefore subject to manipulation.

"Secure private servers" (Intranet) temporarily connected to the internet can also be remotedly accessed through many different avenues.

Target Store's credit card systems were breached through their Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning controls, resulting in the shut down of their entire financial system.

Electronic systems NOT connected to the Internet can also be remotely accessed through cell phones, WIFI, Bluetooth, and even through back offices and computers of Election Officials through malware, thus gaining hidden access to their entire network.

Note:  The country of France eliminated electronic voting because of potential fraud and went to "paper ballots" which can be counted in days.

The United States is increasing the complexity of electronic voting machines from different manufacturers but they can still be remote accessed (hacked).

Tragically, even with the speed of computers, it often takes election officials "Weeks" to count the votes since it passes through so many software packages and algorithms and all subject to manipulation.
Once the results are announced to the public, they still cannot be trusted because boxes and stacks of unverifiable uncounted mail-in ballots are always "discovered" at the last minute that change the results.

Real time election results are funneled through foreign countries before being reported to the American public.
Mail-in ballots are ripe for fraud because they cannot be verified as legitimate. 

Drop off ballot boxes increase the opportunity for ballot stuffing and fraud and established ballot verifications to be almost non-existent.

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Graphic trace of Cyber Attacks on the 2020 Election from outside the United States.    Cyber security professionals tracked Internet Protocal (IP) addresses accessing county computers indicate that most attacks originated from China.

April 23, 2022
Electronic Voting Machines Have No Place In Our Elections. If France Can Handcount Paper Ballots We Certainly Can, too.


Voter Rolls are inflated and dirty and must be cleaned up to help improve Voter Integrity. 
Hackers rely on dirty voter rolls to generate fictious ballots and ballot requests to flood the system for their selected candidates and policies.  Goverment officials often resist cleaning and purging voter rolls.

Click video above for Evidence of dirty Voter Rolls