This is NOT a partisan issue!

Election Integrity is a must for any citizen
who wants their vote to honestly count
and not be manipul
Without election integrity, the United States is no longer a Constitutional Republic, but an Oligarchy where a small group of people have control of the country and initiate measures to stay in power perpetually by modifying the election system, social media, mainstream media, and educational systems, and weaponizing the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and IRS to intimidate citizens and anyone who opposes them. 
This similar strategy was played out in Russia, Cuba, China, Argentina. and other Socialist, Leftist, and Communist countries and is working covertly as well as openly in the United States.

ALL electronic voting systems can be remotely accessed, or "Hacked" which is why the entire United States should completely change to a hand-counted verifiable and auditable paper ballot election system. 
These paper ballots must have printing encryprtion and safeguards to stop fraudulent mass printing of counterfeit ballots that are introduced into the voting system through mail-in and drop boxes that have no chain of custody.

We encourage you to join the efforts to make this happen, immediately.

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Excerpt from the HBO Documentary "Kill Chain:  The Cyber War on America's Elections"
(Released March 2020)

View entire HBO Documentary by clicking image below:

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According to White Hat (Good Geeks) and Black Hat (Bad Geeks) Hackers, any voting machine component (monitors, screens, polling books, routers, tabulation machines, reporting systems, etc. that are part of the voting systems connect to the Internet and therefore subject to manipulation.

"Secure private servers" (Intranet) temporarily connected to the internet can also be remotedly accessed through many different avenues.

Target's credit card systems were breached through their Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning controls and it shut their entire system down.

Electronic systems NOT connected to the Internet can also be remotely accessed through cell phones, WIFI, Bluetooth, and even through back offices and computers of Election Officials through malware thus gaining hidden access to their entire network.

Note:  The country of France eliminated electronic voting because of potential fraud and went to "paper ballots" which can be counted in days.

The United States is increasing the complexity of electronic voting machines from different manufacturers but they can still be remote accessed (hacked).

Tragically, even with the speed of computers, it often takes election officials "Weeks" to count the votes since it passes through so many software packages and algorithms and therefore subject to manipulation.
Once the results are announced to the public they still cannot be trusted because boxes and stacks of unverifiable uncounted mail-in ballots are always "discovered" at the last minute that changes the results.

Real time election results are funneled through foreign countries before being reported to the American public.
Mail-in ballots are ripe for fraud because they cannot be verified as legitimate. 

Drop off ballot boxes increase the opportunity for ballot stuffing and fraud and established ballot verifications are so relaxed to be almost non-existent.

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Initiate a Paper Petition campaign to decision makers, NOW.
Print, Sign, and Mail.
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Excerpts from the HBO Documentary "Kill Chain" reveal how easy our Electronic voting systems can be compromised and why it is critical to move to verifiable secure paper ballots that can be audited.

BONUS VIDEO:  The End of Fair Voting