Regardless if you donate or not, watch the first few short video clips to see what this is all about.

Afterwards, Bookmark this site, share it, and return when you have a chance and re-watch the video messages that speak om the heart and very convincing.

BLEXITTEXAS.COM was inspired by Blexit.com, a national effort aimed at informing and empowering Black Americans and other minorities to think for themselves, hold to their core values, and leave the Democratic Party.

BLEXITTEXAS.COM has been tailored to reach to

ALL long time Democratic supporters and show them there is an alternative.

The funding of local billboards will make every citizen consciously aware of the effort and the movement while bypassing the censorship and "propaganda" of the Democratically controlled media (radio, news, television, newspapers, magazines) as well as global internet companies whose Executives are on record as biased against conservatives (Google, YouTube, Twitter, and growing.)


Several national grassroot efforts have spawned independently around the country because other traditional Democratic voters recognized that current Democratic politicians made empty promises to gain votes and maintain power, yet really did not have their best interests at heart.  

Many long time Democrats do not agree with current Democratic leaders encouraging violence, resistance to police, civil unrest and attacks on anyone disagreeing with them. 


The current Democratic strategy is to label anyone with a different opinion as "Racist", "Nazi", "Homophobic", "Mysogynist" (strongly prejudiced against women), Xenophobic (dislike of or prejudiced against people from other countries), or "Islamophobic" at every instance in order to shout down, shock, silence, and shutdown any logical debate or dialogue.

Common sense is being abandoned and replaced with a growing movement towards Socialism which historically increases government

control, enforces conformity, and restricts individual Freedom. 

As a system of government, Communism tends to center on a one-party state that bans most forms of political dissent.

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Socialism 1tinypng.jfif

The recent "JEXODUS" movement speaks to Jewish Americans who traditionally vote Democratic.  The current Democratic party will not condem the increase of Anti-Semitic (hostile to or prejudiced against Jews) and Anti-Israel statements and policies coming from current Democratic leaders and Congressional members.

The "Walk Away" campaign attempts to wake-up the Liberal community to the deceptive practices and false information furthered by the Democratically controlled media which pretends and claims to be neutral, yet it goes out of it's way to support the Democratic agenda.

Your donation to BLEXITTEXAS.COM can help start the movement locally and sharing this website can help duplicate the awareness in other cities, counties, states, and beyond.